Crown Casinos Commission Investigates Gambling Regulator’s Lack Of Key Competencies

When investigating illegal activities related to Crown casinoThe Royal Perth Casino Commission found that Western Australian gambling law enforcement officials lack the expertise to properly monitor casinos. The Crown Casino hearing began this week, examining the operator’s casino gaming and money laundering activities earlier this year. This process may result in the revocation of the operating license.

The first witness, Duncan Ord, chairman of the Gambling and Betting Commission, said he had no previous experience in regulating casinos. He was named Director General of the Department of Local Government, Sports and Culture following the creation of a merged mega-department in 2017.

“I had to take on this role, obviously in no time, I did what any new member would do when they were appointed, which was to take advantage of the experience of the department staff.”

According to Horde, only one member of the commission had previous skills or experience in casino or casino regulation.

Subsequently, an investigation is examining whether Western Australian gambling legislation remains suitable for its purpose ten years after its entry into force. Casino regulation will continue to be the focus of the Royal Commission.

A full interim report is scheduled for June 30, and a final one for November 14. Crown executive chairman Helen Coonan is expected to be called as a witness in the coming weeks.

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